Doin It
14 year-old Christine runs away from a home where her society parents ignore her. She ends up in Edmonton where she lives rough on the streets, dirty and ragged. When invited to the home of a pimp, where she has a hot bath and receives clean clothes, she is grateful enough to become a hooker under his tutelage. For a year or more she lives in a grotty room and works the streets.

Finally sadly disillusioned with her life, she uses her night’s takings to head home to Toronto. Her mother is shocked to see her, but does not welcome her. She does not see her father as he is happily embezzling from his company and also having an affair.

Life changes for Christine when she lives with her grandmother, meets Harvey, and later starts a business. This is the story of Christine and her family.
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Published by: Publish America

ISBN Number: 978-1503535671

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