The Emperors Women
We have heard the story of the wicked women of ancient Rome often enough, yet their saga never bores. The Emperors were not exactly the most intelligent of men either, though they needed a strong woman by their side.

Claudius’s wife Messalina was the most evil young woman of her time. Not only did she cause the death of any who dared contradict her, she also removed the emperor’s officials from office and replaced them with her own spies. While she was only married to Claudius for seven years, those years left their mark on history. Considered the most beautiful woman in the empire, she was renowned for her promiscuousness and her manipulation of emperor Claudius for her own gain.

This is also the story of the power hungry and avaricious Agrippina, who later married Claudius, her uncle. A strong willed, intelligent woman she amassed great wealth and much land, killing almost anyone who opposed her, including Claudius and her stepson. Through her efforts, her own teenage son, Nero, became emperor and she ruled through him until he removed her from power and later had her killed.

Strong women, both with ambition, they will live forever in infamy. Claudius was a foolish man in many ways and yet a good emperor, as was, to some extent, his successor the lascivious Nero.
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