The S.O.B.
Wendy marries the man of her dreams - handsome, educated and ambitious Eric. Too late she discovers he is abusive. Ashamed to admit this to her parents, she learns to live with his constant mental and physical abuse. She becomes aware of his infidelity, but not the depth of his depravity. To be with his wealthy mistress, he lures Wendy to a country picnic and pushes her over the edge of a cliff. Fortunately she lands on a ledge and survives, but goes into hiding fearing he would try again.

Thinking his wife dead, Eric moves in with his mistress, leaving their home empty. Eric’s character becomes too much for his mistress and she orders him out. In a fit of rage, he rapes her and throws her off the patio into the ravine. They charge Eric with murder. Wendy decides to stay out of sight until the trial, when she will reveal herself and add to the charges. She wants revenge.
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Published by: Publish America

ISBN Number: 978-1503527492

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