Keeping Mum
Eugenia Sztuka, a transplanted Cockney now widowed and living in Canada, seems determined to make her children's lives miserable. Still full of vim and vinegar at nearly seventy, she causes chaos in the lives of her three adult daughters and their families.

Wearing clothing far too young for her age, and given to speaking her mind regardless of the consequences, she buzzes through life with complete abandon. Uninvited, she turns up at their homes, usually in some outrageous costume, and after a drink or two, regales all and sundry with old Cockney pub songs with hilarious results.

However, the large old family home where she lives alone hides a dark secret so frightening that none of the family will visit.

This novel combines humour and poignant drama. Haven't most of us met a woman like Eugenia and wondered if there were more to her life than she revealed?

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Published by: Publish America

ISBN Number: 1-421-1077-7

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