Yesterday's Shadows
Based in Jo-Anne's native England, this novel is based entirely on historical fact.

In First century Britain, following an earlier invasion, the Romans under Claudius have now returned to complete the subjugation of the British tribes. To the North, the Brigantes have remained peaceful as a client kingdom of Rome, but their king dies and his oldest daughter Cartimandua is made queen.

The King's precocious younger daughter Boudicca is not happy with this event and leaves to find herself an unmarried king so she may also become a queen. Her choice is the king of the Iceni tribe, who is closer to her father's age than her own.

After her husband dies, Boudicca rules alone. After a series of horrible events, including a public whipping, she raises an army to face the Romans.

This gripping tale, set just after the death of Jesus, will keep you gasping from the beginning to the end.

Published by: Airleaf Publishing

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ISBN Number: 1-59453-644-3

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